What Are My Rights When Approached by Police?

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Certain constitutional protections arise during encounters with law enforcement. It is important to be aware of these constitutional protections, and act accordingly, so that you may better preserve your rights.

Comply with requests to act, be quiet, and do not consent to a search.

Comply with requests to act.
Always comply with an officer's request to act (i.e., stop on the street, pull over your vehicle). Even if the request is unreasonable, you should comply. Disobedience risks forfeiting constitutional protections. If an officer's actions are unreasonable or unlawful, that can only be addressed later. On the other hand, if your actions are unreasonable or unlawful, that will be addressed immediately.

Be quiet.
You always have the right to remain silent. In the moment, you may not realize that what you are saying is self-incriminating. That is why it is best to avoid disclosing any information unrelated to the purpose and scope of the encounter.

Do not consent to a search.
Never consent to a search. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle or home. Generally, unless the officer has a warrant or an exception to the warrant requirement applies, the only other way the officer is permitted to search your vehicle or home is if you consent to a search. 

In conclusion, be aware of your rights, but protect yourself by being quietly compliant. An aggressive or radical police officer can be dealt with in court, and only enhances the likelihood of a favorable result for you.

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By: Corey A. Bauer, Esq. & Eric Scott Wyant II, Esq.


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